Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester Partners with Community Credit Union



Originally Published in Colchester Weekly

April 18, 2018

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester is thrilled to announce their new partnership with the Community Credit Union.  The local business will be championing our programs and services and in return will have the opportunity to be even further invested in the community.

The Community Credit Union will be supporting our agency in a number of different ways. They will be displaying marketing materials at their business, including information about our programs on their website and social media pages, allowing us use of their community room and so much more. Most importantly, three staff members have met with our Program Coordinator to learn more about volunteering in our In School Mentoring Program.

Branch Manager Andrea Jackson was excited about the opportunity to partner with our agency, “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester does so much for the children, youth and families of this community. One of our business’s driving principles and a mainstay in everything we do is concern for community. We don’t just donate money, we look to what we think serves the greater good of Colchester County and its residents, so it just seemed like a natural fit,” said Jackson.

Big Brothers Big Sister’s goal is to partner with many businesses in Colchester, in hopes of gaining more volunteers for our In School Mentoring Program. The program takes place during many peoples work day, so we are seeking employers who are community-minded and open to allowing their staff one hour a week to mentor a child.

“We are very grateful for all those who participate in our fundraisers and help us reach more children and families in our communities, but our greatest need is still volunteers. Money cannot replace the gift that time gives,” said Executive Director Michelle Misener. “This new partnership will hopefully encourage other local businesses to get involved with the agency and help us serve the children on our waitlist, who would love an In School Mentor.”

Our In School Mentoring Program serves several schools in Colchester and is looking to expand into more rural areas such as Debert, Brookfield and Tatamagouche for the upcoming school year. This of course means our need for volunteers grows. The commitment for an In School Mentor is minimal, at one hour a week during the day, with no evening, weekend or summertime commitment.

With the support of businesses like the Community Credit Union we are able to reach more community members, and share the impact that mentoring not only has on the mentee, but the mentor as well.

The Community Credit Union knows the value in community. It’s the very foundation in which their business stands on. They recognize the benefit of this new partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester and see it as one more way to connect with the families of Colchester and give back to this community.

“We want to be a leader and set the highest example for other organizations in our community. We believe giving our time and sharing our resources to be just as, if not more, important than donating money. We encourage our staff and board of directors to actively volunteer in the community and give back in whatever way they can – big or small. Every little bit helps,” said Jackson.

If you are an employer in this community who not only sees the importance of mentorship but the benefit of community involvement for your business and your employees, please contact us today. We would love to further discuss partnership opportunities.