Big & Little News Column Colchester Weekly March 21, 2018



Originally Published in Colchester Weekly

March 21, 2018

As a local organization that serves children and youth in the community, it’s been a pleasure to watch Truro and the surrounding area grow and evolve, especially in the last five years. Truro has become a vibrant town, with many enjoyable things for families to do. From the beautiful new library to the Farmers Market, there seems to be something for everyone. This is exciting for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester because it gives our Bigs and Littles lots of different opportunities to take in what Truro has to offer. It also allows us to plan fun group activities.

Big and Littles successfully took the roof off winter this year. It was wonderful to see them getting outside and being active in our beautiful community. In January Bigs and Littles went sledding at the Legion Hill. Young and old went flying down the hill on crazy carpets and saucers, leaving their fears and worries at the top. We finished out that fun filled day with hot chocolate and Timbits. The outdoor ice surface at Civic Square saw its fair share of smiling faces from Big Brothers and Big Sisters. The agency hosted a skating activity in February, and many laced up their skates on their own time as well. We have no doubt that this was a memorable experience for Big and Littles.

Our most recent group activity was Yoga at Body Solace Studio. Studio Owner and Yoga Instructor Danielle Crowell led Bigs and Littles through a fun, one hour session. This was a great way to start off the Littles March break.

“We love seeing Bigs and Littles being active in the community. We consistently hear feedback from Littles that what they love most about having a Big is that they get to try new things. We thought yoga might be something that many Littles haven’t had the opportunity to participate in, especially yoga in a studio, being led by an instructor,” said Sallie Murphy, Caseworker with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester plans two group activities a month. These activities are all optional for the matches. The group activities are intended to give Bigs and Littles an opportunity to connect with one another and try something new.

Have you considered signing up as a volunteer but you’re unsure of what activities to do with a potential Little Brother or Sister? It could be as simple as playing a game of cards, watching a movie or baking cookies. Do you like to stay active and get outside? You could go for a bike ride along the Cobequid Trail or take a leisurely walk downtown to Jimollys to grab an ice tea. If it’s a nice sunny day, a picnic lunch in Victoria Park is a good way to start a Saturday. Our Caseworkers are always here for support if you need new ideas for activities and outings with your Little. Often times a Little Brother or Sister is just happy to have someone who wants to spend time with them and ask how their day is going.

If you would like to learn more about what becoming a volunteer with Big Brothers or Big Sisters looks like, we would be happy to answer any question or concern you may have. We can be reached at 902-895-4562 or