The Healthy Living Fund (formerly the Self-Esteem Improvement Fund) is a fund established to help support an activity, or meet a need that will likely contribute to more positive self-esteem and confidence in Little Brothers and/or Little Sisters.

A request can be made by the “Little’s” parent or by their “Big”/”Mentor”, with the parent’s consent. Activities such as voice lessons, dance, music lessons and special purchases (eyeglasses, braces) camp etc. will be considered by the Committee.

Contribution Amount:
Currently $300 per child per year. This fund is dependent upon the financial situation of the agency and will be reviewed annually during November’s budget preparation.

Criteria for Application: 

  • The child must be enrolled in one of the agency’s Mentoring Programs
  • The child’s family must be in a financial position where they are unable to adequately provide for the specific need/activity requested. The total annual family income must be provided on the application form
  • The request must demonstrate how the need/activity will provide the child with an opportunity for improved self-esteem/confidence
  • The child’s family must demonstrate some contribution to the need/activity or efforts to that end

Application Process: 

  • A copy of this document will be provided to applicants on request (view pdf)
  • A written application (view application) must be received from either the child’s Mentor or Parent/Legal Guardian
  • Parental/Legal Guardian consent must be received
  • The Executive Director (or designate) will review applications to ensure all criteria for application are met and determine that funds are available
  • If criteria for application is not met, the Executive Director (or designate) will inform the applicant and inform them of the requirements necessary to complete their application
  • Once a completed application is received, the Executive Director will bring the request to the next meeting of the Board of Directors for review
  • The Board of Directors may ask for additional information to assist them in their decision making
  • Once the Board of Directors make a decision, the Executive Director (or designate) will inform the applicant of the decision


  • Each application will be considered on an individual basis based on its own merit
  • The Board of Directors must reach a consensus of sitting members in attendance at the meeting, the application is considered, to approve an application to the fund


  • Each child will be considered for one application to the Healthy Living Fund per year
  • Each application will be limited to a maximum of $300 annually
  • The Board of Directors may place restrictions or conditions on the acceptance of an application to the fund


  • You will generally be notified of the Board’s decision within 30 days of receiving the request


  • Payment will be made directly to the supplier of the service
  • Payment may be made in installments where appropriate
  • When a child’s family is making a financial contribution to the activity or need, their contribution must be paid before the BBBS portion is paid
  • BBBS must be refunded any portion paid by them if the activity or need is not undertaken or completed