Running Fundy Scoops Dairy Bar and operating a social enterprise offers a new and exciting way for our agency to support youth in the community. We have developed the Learn to Lead Program. This Program provides an opportunity for youth to work in a supportive environment where they will not only develop their employability skills but gain first-hand knowledge of the nonprofit world.

6 summer students will be scheduled for 30 hours per week building skills at the Dairy Bar, and 6 hours per week working with one of our experienced Staff learning and practicing various aspects of non-profit management such as financial management, leadership, marketing, fundraising, child and youth service delivery, etc.

By the end of the Student’s Term, they will have a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the intricates of nonprofit management, helping to guide their path as they continue their education. The Mentoring Coordinator, working with all other Staff members, will provide the students with an evaluation and certificate for their respective portfolios.

Stay tuned in the months to come for employment opportunities.