New After Hours Big Bucks Mail Slot



Big Bucks Players!

We now have an after-hours Big Bucks Mail Slot located out front of Fundy Scoops! You can play your toonie in this mail slot until 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

The same rules we have for all our boxes also apply at this mail slot.

  • You must have registered a number to play
  • You CANNOT pre-pay in the box
  • Print your numbers clearly on your toonie with the stickers and pen provided, located inside the box.
  • underline your number
  • one sticker per toonie
  • one number per toonie
  • no tape

Your toonies will go in the mail slot located just to the right of the box, so your money is secure. The actual box is a supplies box, so you’ll find the stickers and pens inside the box and all the information about the draw is displayed the same.

A friendly reminder when playing your toonie in any of our boxes and this mail slot, always check the date sticker located on the top of the box to ensure you’re playing for the correct week. For example, if it’s Tuesday morning (Nov 12) at 8:05 A.M. and you go to drop your toonie in our new after-hours box for the draw taking place on Tuesday, Nov 12th  but the sticker on the box and the mail slot says Nov 19 that means it’s too late to play your toonie for that week.

We hope that this box is a huge help for our supporters whose schedules don’t allow them to get in to play their toonies during traditional work hours.

Thank you for all your support!