This Weeks Draw!

October 9th – #7918 -Played by Brenda Higgins who won $10,193



Play BIG BUCKS at the following locations

Kennedy’s Variety Ryland Ave
Bible Hill Bowlacade – Jennifer Drive
Petro Can – Robie Street

Foodland (Stewiacke)
Wilson’s Gas Stop – Walker Street

Bible Hill Esso – Pictou Rd.
Grant’s Grocery (North River)
Valley Variety
Double “C” Truckstop (Masstown)

East End Mini Mart – East Prince St.

Fulton’s Pharmacy (Tatamagouche)
Truro Mall Lotto Land
MacQuarrie’s (Esplanade)
MacQuarrie’s (Brookfield)
MacQuarrie’s (Bible Hill)



Call or go to the Big Brothers – Big Sisters office to purchase a number. That is your number for life. Play it weekly (by Sunday) at any one of the 16 vendors listed above.

  1. Write “your” number on a sticker (provided in the slot on the box),
  2. Place the sticker on a toonie
  3. Place the toonie in the BIG BUCKS box.
  4. Do this every week by SUNDAY.
  5. A draw will be made every Tuesday from all registrations. If your number is drawn AND YOU HAVE PLAYED you win half the weekly take. If you HAVE NOT PLAYED that amount is added to the pot for the next week’s draw.


How to pre-pay your Big Bucks Number

Call us at 902-895-4562. Using your Mastercard or Visa you can pre-pay for 26 or 52 weeks.


Drop by the Big Brothers – Big Sisters office at 26 Logan Street and pre-pay in person using cash, debit or credit card.


Big Bucks House Rules:
  • Big Bucks is a weekly 50/50 draw
  • You must be 18 or older to play
  • You must be a Nova Scotia resident when you purchase your Big Bucks number
  • Staff of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester cannot play
  • To register you must first complete a registration form. Forms are available at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office at 26 Logan Street
  • Every registration has a unique number. This is your number to play for life
  • It is your responsibility to play the correct number that is registered in your name
  • Prize money will only be paid to the person whose name corresponds with the registration form of the winning number
  • Each week you want to play you must place a toonie in one of the “BIG BUCKS” boxes. This toonie must have a sticker with your number clearly printed on it (stickers provided at outlets)
  • Please underline your number on the sticker.
  • Players have the option of “pre-paying” their number(s) for 10,26 or 52 weeks by credit card or debit at the Big Brother Big Sister of Colchester office (902-895-4562)
  • Your number qualifies to win ONLY if you have “paid and played” or “pre-paid” that week
  • If you have not “paid and played” / or your “pre-paid” status has expired and your number is drawn you will not win and the pot will build for the following weeks draw
  • A manual draw will be made each week from ALL the numbers registered and in the drum.
  • Pots are guaranteed to go on the third week
  • Week 1 – Number NOT played Pot rolls over
    Week 2 – Number NOT played Pot rolls over
    Week 3 – Guaranteed winner – We will keep drawing until a played number is drawn
  • Big Bucks boxes will be collected on Monday mornings. Play by Sunday to avoid disappointment.** Note that on Holiday Monday’s boxes may have to be picked up on Sunday’s depending on store hours/scheduling etc
  • Always check the “playing for” date on the front of the box
  • If the number has been played, the winner will be contacted by phone
  • The winning information will be announced on the BBBS Facebook page and the BBBS web page within 3 hours of the draw
  • The draw will be announced on Big Dog and Cat Country between 4:30 and 5:30 every Tuesday
  • The winning participant’s number and prize amount will be displayed at all BIG BUCKS outlets.
  • A picture ID and mailing address are required to collect your winnings.
  • You must agree to allow Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester to announce your name and use your photo for promotional purposes
  • As of May 31/2017 tickets will no longer be sold in GROUP names.
  • A second draw will be made for prizes unclaimed after 90 days following the original draw date.
  • In the event a deceased person’s number is drawn and qualifies to win (IE pre-paid) the cheque will be made out to their estate.
  • If you no longer wish to play please contact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester at 902-895-4562 to de-register your number. Unless you request your number to be removed, it will remain in the drum and could be drawn at any time.

Please note the following:

Please do not use tape

Please place stickers on one side of the toonie only

Please write your number clearly to avoid confusion

Playing 5 numbers? You can put 5 stickers on a $10 bill

If you use 2 loonies (which we discourage) please place your number on both loonies so we can match them up

There is no advantage to playing the same number more than once a week.

Note: As of October 5/16:

Big Bucks registration forms are now in limited supply.

As such, only new players can purchase a number. Limit one number per new player.

Current players can continue to play as many numbers as they have registered.

Tickets can be purchased as “gifts” in another person’s name but each number must be pre-paid for a minimum of 10 weeks.  Limit one number per person.



January 3rd – #13722 – Played by Douglas Congdon who won $10,433
January 9th– #2085- Played by Greg Withrow who won $9,760
January 16th- #9490- Not played-the pot builds by $10,115
January 23rd- #12143- Played by Zane Fraser who won $20,590
January 30th – #6525- Played by Steve Withrow who won $10,199

February 6th – #16148- Not played-the pot builds by $10,029
February 13th – #18962- Not played-the pot builds by $20,556
February 20th – #3723- Played by Kent MacLeod who won $31,451
February 27th – #16574- Not Played- The pot builds by $10,239

March 6th – #12138- Played by Dennis Mills who won $21,060
March 13th – #7574- Not Played-the pot builds by $10,465
March 20th – #8416- Not Played-the pot builds by $21,293 (GUARANTEED TO GO!)
March 27th – #5514- Played by Kathy Gamblin Fraser who won $32,507

April 3 – #11045- Played by Evan Redmond who won $10,270
April 10 – #19604- Not Played-the pot builds by $10,433
April 17 – #15034- Not Played-the pot builds by $21,191
April 24 – #18040- Played by Holly King who won $32,300

May 1 – #170 – Not Played – the Pot Builds by $10,527
May 8 – #6475 -Played by Shaun Dahr who won $21,248
May 15 – #20332 -Played by Leah MacLennan who won $10,371
May 22 – #16366 -Not Played-the pot builds by $10,137
May 29 – #4103 -Not Played-the pot builds by $20,708

June 5 – #14100 -Played by Ian Murphy who won $31,826
June 12 – #1786 -Played by Ward Markie who won $10,202
June 19 – #20025 -Played by Patti McKenzie who won $10,313
June 26 – #11657 -Not Played- The pot builds by $10,280

July 3 – #6348 -Played by Ann Barley who won $20,525
July 10 – #11825 -Not Played-the pot builds by $10,218
July 17 – #4233 -Not Played-the pot builds by $20,599
July 24 – #469 -Played by Dale Shearer who won $31,462
July 31 – #15621 -Played by Steve Innocente who won $10,192

August 7th – #1284 -Not Played- the pot builds by $10,251
August 14th – #13077 -Not Played- the pot builds by $20,696
August 21 – #13690 -Played by Alicia Schroeder who won $31,668
August 28th – #7340 -Played by Rob Dean  who won $10,199

sept 4th – #951 -Played by Rose McCallum  who won $10,196
sept 11th – #6642 -Played by Angus MacNamara who won $10,420
sept 18th – #5625 -Not played-the pot builds by $10,290
sept 25th – #14519 -Not played-the pot builds by $20,774

October 2nd – #16753 -Played by Orlea Crawford who won $31,994


January 3rd– #12519- Not played- the pot builds by $10,306
January 10th– #14980- Not played- the pot builds by $20,662
January 17th– #17667- Played by Richard Conrad who won $31,797
January 24th-#10671- Played by Jessie-Lee Hodgson who won $10,144
January 31st– #19713- Played by Rhonda Langille who won $10,234

February 7th -#10455- Played by David MacKay who won $10,150
February 15th -#20204- Played by David Fleury who won $10,000
February 21st – #4923- Not Played- The pot builds by $9,693
February 28th– #16035- Played by William Hamilton who won $20,036

March 7th– #402- Played by Valerie Richardson who won $10,027
March 14th-#19873- Played by Judy Rath who won $9,901
March 21st-#16631-Played by Gerrit VanderPoel who won $9,918
March 28th– #17132- Not Played-The pot builds by $9,914

April 4th– #12997- Played b Michael Totten who won $20,277
April 11– #16498- Played by Maria Cecilia Agcon who won $10,047
April 18th– #16713-Played by Susan Clark who won $9,696
April 25th– #3475- Played by Danny Stewart who won $9,825

May 2nd – #12600- Not Played-The pot builds by $10,048
May 9th – #19072- Not Played- The pot builds by $20,282
May 16th– #374- Played by Cheryl Cooke who won $30,995
May 23rd– #4785- Not Played- The pot builds by $9,567
May 30th– #20379- Played by RBC Dominion Securities Group who won $19,796

June 6th– #5854-Played by Brian McGill who won $9,879
June 13th– #4900- Played by Jeff Crawford who won $9,919
June 20th– #4089- Played by Mary Barkhouse who won $9,875
June 27th– #15560- Not Played-The pot builds by $9,782

July 4th– #11998- Played by Aileen Flewelling who won $19,667
July 11th– #10421- Played by Debbie Delaney who won $9,897
July 18th – #2934- Not Played- The pot builds by $9,795
July 25th– #11811- Played by Harold Hebb who won $19,746

August 1st– #9009- Not Played- The pot builds by $9,795
August 8th – #3227- Played by Sean Parker who won $19,681
August 15th – #16429- Not played- The pot builds by $9,897
August 22nd – #372- Played by Ben Corkum who won $20,001
August 29th– #18868- Played by Shirley Ann Kurivial who won $9,741

September 5th – #1644- Played by Janice Little who won $9,681
September 12th – #8767- Not played- The pot builds by $9,870
September 19th – #15934 – Played by Walter Urquhart who won $20,165
September 26th – #4635- Not played- The pot builds by $9,827

October 3rd- #15900 – Played by Lynn Hoeg who won $20,077.
October 10th- #4872 – Not Played. The pot builds by $10,333
October 17th- #17148 – Played by Irish fae Agcon who won $20, 304.
October 24th – #651 – Not Played.The pot builds by $10,049
October 31st – #12519 – Played by Shelly Pike who won $20,389.

November 7th- #15966 – Not Played. The pot builds by $10,140.
November 14th- #4802 – Not Played. The pot builds by $20,508
November 21st – #20785 – Played by Len Crowell who won $31, 507.
November 28th – #16617 – Played by Kim Samson who won $10, 190.

December 5th – #15078 – Played by Laverne McGann who won $10,387
December 12th – #16831 – Not played. The pot builds by $10,360
December 19th – last draw of 2017- #14793 played by Helen Barrett who won $21,305


For a list of past winners dating back to 2012  click here:


Where does the money go?

YOUR money is being spent right here in your community. Every single cent raised here goes back into the community.

Every year the local agency provides service to more than 300 LOCAL children and youth.

There is no charge to enroll children in any of the programs the agency offers and there are no membership fees.

The majority of the children are matched one on one with a carefully screened volunteer Big Brother, Big SisterBig Couple or In School Mentor. Many more benefit from group programs such as:

Go Girls (“Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies”) Game On (specifically for young boysLiteracy for Littles and Kids and Kops.

These programs help youth reach their full potential and help them avoid many risk-taking behaviors. Children and youth who are matched with a volunteer stay in school longer, get better grades and are less likely to offend. In short, they are happier, more productive and better behaved.

The local agency awards Bursaries to “Little Brothers & Little Sisters” who go on to attend college, trade schools and university. The average bursary is $1,000 per year for up to 4 years. Bursaries are not based on grades but are awarded to those less fortunate financially and who have the determination to succeed.

Thousands of dollars are allocated to children in the BBBS program to participate in activities they couldn’t otherwise afford. It’s called the “Healthy Living Fund” and provides payment for such activities as voice, guitar, piano lessons, summer camps, karate, cubs, fitness classes …even dental work and eyeglasses not covered by MSI.

Due to the success of Big Bucks the agency recently started a new grant program called “Helping Others”. This fund helps others, not necessarily involved directly with the agency, when in need. Special projects and programs etc.

The agency hosts outings and activities for the kids involved with the agency almost every month and there is never a charge. There is no membership fee for parents to enroll their children with Big Brothers – Big Sisters.

Big Bucks is local and winners usually spend their money here in the community so it goes right back into the local economy PLUS BBBS employees full-time staff.

In November 2016 the agency donated $25,000 to the Public Library and we are thrilled to sponsor the new kids room named the Big Brother-Big Sister Children’s Program Room and it will be available for every child in the community to enjoy.

The agency also is a proud sponsor of  the Truro Skate Board Park, Jumpstart (Truro Chapter),  United Way of Truro, Maggie’s Place Boys and Girls Club, The Christmas Index Program as well as the Truro Music Festival.

In December of 2016 and 2017, the agency gave a $50 gift card to the family of every child in our community-based programs to help with Christmas expenses…food, clothing or gifts. A donation of $1500 worth of toys to the Children’s Index Program was made in 2016 and a cash donation of $2000 was made in Dec 2017.

During the summer of 2017 and 2018, we supplied backpacks to families whose kids are returning to school this fall. This is in partnership with the United Way of Colchester. Together with the United Way we also supplied helmets to youth during the annual Bikes for Kids Campaign.

Some of the new projects we’ve contributed to include:

  • being a Gold Sponsor at the Rotary Club of Truro Bollywood Night. Funds raised from that event go directly back to children and youth in the community.
  • Rotary Club of Truro Musical Instrument Project at Civic Square (stay tuned for the exciting news on that!)
  • Free summer-long Thursday night swims at the Victoria Park Pool. These swims were free for the entire community.
  • We hosted a free event for the entire community to celebrate our 40th Anniversary and the end of the school year for kids in the community. This was our Kids Day Out at the RECC event. We had close to 600 community members join us!
  • We are currently planning a “Sneaker Project” with other organizations in the community that will provide sneakers to 50 children from the community, as well as an educational and fun 5-week long program.
  • And of course, last but not least…..our purchase of Molly’s Dairy Bar. Flagship Construction is currently building an addition and we will be locating to North River in 2019. Follow along our social media pages to stay in the loop! We have many exciting things planned that children in this community will benefit from, at our new location.
    Instagram: @bbbscolchester Facebook: @bbbscolchester

We also support local projects such as free Movie nights in Victoria Park, face painting at the Downtown Truro Fun days and many other events.

Big Bucks has allowed us to do all this….. and more.

THANKS TO YOU….. we can create brighter futures for more youth



Click here to learn more about our community funding