This Weeks Draw!

April 7 – #16263 – Played by Tanya MacKenzie who won $9,892
Estimated Pot for The April 14 Draw- $20,000- Playing for 1/2- $10,000
Due to the current situation next week’s pot is

While the weekly winner of Big Bucks will continue to take 50% of the total pot in true 50/50 fashion, for this week’s draw Big Brothers Big Sisters will be committing 50% of our portion to provide direct, financial support to the families in our programs to assist with groceries, medications, and other living expenses. That means that today, just under $5000 is being donated to the families we aim to support.

Click to read a message regarding COVID-19

Our Commitment

As a charity that aims to support, grow, and enhance our community, safety is always a top priority. Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, we are making efforts to do our part in slowing the potential spread of the virus locally. This preparation includes rigorous and regular cleaning, leaving boxes to sit for over 24 hours before any money is handled while wearing gloves and maintaining safe distances, working remotely while taking your calls, and initiating a limited 5 week prepay option over the phone. We’ve also installed a hand sanitization station at our dropbox. Please sanitize your hands before and after playing your toonie. We also ask that you practice social distancing while using the box. If someone is at the box when you arrive, please wait in your car until they have finished before you proceed.

  • Our office is now closed to the public until further notice. The Big Bucks draw will continue and our team is working remotely to accommodate your requests.
  • We’ve made some changes to our temporary phone-in times.
    Monday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
    Tuesday 1:30 pm-4:30 pm
    Wednesday 9:00 am-4:30 pm
    Thursday 9:00 am-4:30 pm
    Friday 9:00 am-4:30 pm (closed on April 10th for Good Friday)
  • As always, the Winner takes half the total pot. BBBS will be donating %50 of their portion of the proceeds of upcoming draws to families in our program to provide financial assistance during this challenging time.
  • Vendor boxes are no longer available (for the time being) with the exception of East End Mini Mart Drive-thru. You can also still play your toonie in our 24 hr dropbox located out front of Fundy Scoops.
  • You can prepay in our 24 dropbox for 5 or 10 weeks. If prepaying a number for 5 weeks please put one sticker on a $10 bill. If prepaying for 10 weeks please put one sticker on a $20 bill. Coins WILL NOT be accepted for prepays. Please write your number clearly and underline it.
  • Given the situation, the weekly draw will be guaranteed to go for the time being.
  • Prepay by phone at 902-895-4562.
  • Please consider prepaying rather than playing on the toonie during this time.
  • For a limited time, we will be offering the opportunity to prepay for 5 weeks ($10).

We will continue to adapt with the situation to ensure safety maintains a top priority. Thank you sincerely, for your continued support in this important fundraiser that allows Big Brothers Big Sisters to support hundreds of children and youth every year.

What is Big Bucks?

As the name implies, this lottery provides an opportunity for players to win some ‘Big Bucks’! The largest weekly 50/50 draw in the Colchester area, Big Bucks has grown to a minimum $20,000 pot every single week, and its success has allowed our Organization to impact more children, right here in our local communities!

Here’s how it works: every player has to register a unique number, which they can keep for life. Once a number is registered, it is submitted into our drum where a draw takes place every Tuesday. Players have to play a toonie every week in order to be qualified to win if their number is drawn. If a number is drawn that was not played that week, the pot rolls over to the next week and the pot typically doubles! On the third week, we will draw until a number is selected that has been played, guaranteeing a winner. This fundraiser has given away over a million dollars in prize money to local players since its inception, that’s a BIG deal!

THANK YOU for playing and supporting impactful child and youth services in your community.


Ever wonder what impact your contributions make in your community?

Every year our Organization provides service to more than 300 LOCAL children and youth through our mentoring programs. Additionally, we partner with other Cause-based, community Organizations that also support the healthy development of Children & Youth. There is no cost for families to participate in any Big Brothers Big Sisters program, nor is there a cost to volunteer. We believe in providing barrier-free opportunities for Children & Youth to strive through mentorship.

The majority of the children are matched one on one with a thoroughly trained volunteer Big Brother, Big SisterBig Couple or In School Mentor. Many more benefit from group programs such as:

  • Go Girls (“Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies”)
  • Game On (specifically for young boys
  • Literacy for Littles
  • Kids and Kops

These programs help youth reach their full potential and help them avoid many risk-taking behaviors. Children and youth who are matched with a volunteer stay in school longer, get better grades and are less likely to offend. In short, they are happier, more productive and better behaved. Think back to when you were growing up and ask yourself if a mentor in your life helped shape the person you are today? We know mentorship is not a luxury… it’s a necessity!

The local agency awards Bursaries to “Little Brothers & Little Sisters” who go on to attend college, trade schools and university. The average bursary is $1,000 per year for up to 4 years. Bursaries are not based on grades but are awarded to those with financial barriers and who have the determination to succeed.

Through our “Mentoring Matters Fund”, we distribute thousands of dollars to local children & youth in our programs facing financial barriers to provide them opportunities to thrive through mentorship. These funds assist in the costs to participate in voice, guitar, piano lessons, summer camps, karate, cubs, fitness classes, sports, and more.

We plan and host monthly events and activities for the families involved in BBBS to introduce children & youth to new experiences, and there is never a cost to the family. These activities often extend to the greater community as we sponsor free swims through the summer, movie nights at Victoria Park, and some other annual events.

Some community projects BBBS have supported to maximize our local impact include:

  • Promoting learning through literacy by contributing to our local Public Library. Be sure to check our the Big Brother-Big Sister Children’s Program Room, available to every child in the community to enjoy
  • Encouraging mentorship through sport and recreation by supporting the Truro Skate Board Park
  • Supporting the work and projects of our local  Maggie’s Place, Boys and Girls Club, The Christmas Index Program, and the Truro Music Festival
  • Partnering with the United Way of Truro to provide children and youth with backpacks and sneakers when returning back to school, and helmets to encourage safe play through the annual Bikes for Kids campaign
  • Supporting local children with diverse needs to attend Camp Tidnish
  • In partnership with the Rotary Club of Truro, contributing to the Public Music Park at the Civic Square

You have allowed us to do all this to support our local young people. That’s a BIG deal. Thank you!