Helping Others Grant


Eligibility and Procedures

This document will outline the terms and conditions for organizations to apply for funding through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester’s Helping Others Grant.

The application form  must be completed in full to enable the Board of Directors to determine if the project meets all the requirements for funding.


The mandate of the foundation is to provide funding to community groups who provide a service that has a significant and positive impact on children and youth (ages 6-19) in the Colchester East Hants catchment area.


To fund community based programs and projects that align with the vision of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester and that benefit and enhance the well -being of youth.

With a focus on community, healthy living, building resilience, confidence and self- esteem the Helping Others Grant
supports programs and projects that create, encourage and support positive outcomes in youth.


“To be leaders in the development and provision of quality volunteer based programs for all youth who need and want our service”


Consideration for funding will be given to organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Must be private and/or non-profit
  • Must offer its services and activities within the Truro- East Hants area
  • Must show sound management (an established project management organizing committee or Board of Directors)
  • Must demonstrate sound financial practices (reviewed/audited financial statements)


All submitted projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Must meet the needs of youth ages 6-19
  • Must have a direct impact on a significant number of youth in the identified community
  • Make use of other revenue sources other than the BBBS Helping Others Grant
  • The application must clearly indicate how the requested funds will be used
  • The application must indicate the manner in which BBBS will be identified as a funder


  • Manage and control the various steps in the development of the project
  • Identify and evaluate the results of the project
  • Guarantee steady management of funds allocated to the project through the BBBS Helping Others Grant
  • Submit the required report outlining how funds granted by BBBS/HOG were spent


  • Debt reduction initiatives
  • Requests aimed at covering general operation or administrative salaries.
  • Initiatives that duplicate existing programs or services
  • Hospitals, foundations, schools, daycare centres, churches, religious organizations and individual sports teams.
  • Political parties or politically related activities
  • Funding for research or training
  • Funding for capital improvements to privately/commercially/municipally owned/leased facilities
  • Direct sales campaigns
  • Conferences and workshop


  • Groups must submit an application (Helping Others Grant application) by the date(s) below.
  • The Executive Director will review the request within 10 days of receiving the application
  • If the request meets the outlined criteria the submission will be reviewed by the HOG committee
  • Recommended projects will be brought forward at the June and /or December meeting of the Board of Directors Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester
  • A decision will be made by the Board
  • The Executive Director will relay the decision of the Board to the group submitting the request within 2 weeks of the Board meeting.
  • Cheque will be issued upon confirmation from the group that the project is proceeding.

The period to submit a request for funding is May 30 and November 30 of each calendar year.