Think of the last time you went for a scoop of ice cream with a friend or family member. We’d guess that your memories of that day are less about the ice cream and more about the experience. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester, we value experiences over all else. We’re always eager to find new platforms for mentorship and friendships. We believe a scoop of ice cream is more than a delicious seasonal treat. It’s a creator of memories, a catalyst for friendship, a platform to experiences. Fundy Scoops Dairy Bar will provide a central destination for families to gather, build memories, and play together, and it just so happens that you can find some great tasting ice cream here, too!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester facilitates impactful, volunteer-based mentoring programs in our communities to ensure our young people reach their full potential. When you support our Dairy Bar, you’re supporting those young people. Further, Fundy Scoops is operated by youth. We aim to develop career-building skills in young people, to continue to grow our capacity in the non-profit sector, an area that continuously needs new leaders. Oh, and if that’s not enough, our ice cream is the best!