Peer Mentoring: Chlo and Jessica

As the end of the school year has quickly approached, we want to highlight one of our many amazing matches in our Peer Mentoring Program, Chloé and Jessica. Although students were faced with uncertainty and many changes throughout the year, they have persevered and have created great memories during this challenging time. Mentor Chloé and mentee Jessica have built a strong and impactful friendship over the past year.

Chloé and Jessica first met through the Shared Reading Program at CEC. They would meet once or twice a week during reading period to read together. This is where they would begin to form their friendship. Once Chloé signed up to be a peer mentor and was matched with Jessica, they had the ability to grow their friendship even more. They were able to spend more time together and completed many fun activities together during their lunch breaks.

Chloé described her mentee Jessica as someone who is “caring, kind, funny, and someone who radiates positivity at all times of day”. Chloé said her favourite memories of being a peer mentor were the normal day to day moments. “There is always something happening in room 11 where we spend most of our lunches. There is always a craft to do or someone telling jokes, it is such a positive space that never failed to put a smile on my face by the time lunch was over”. Peer mentoring provides a positive space for mentors and mentees which leads to positive impacts on those who participate in the program.

Chloé discussed the impacts being a mentor has had on her life, “the program has had so many positive impacts on me, and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that I got to be part of such a wonderful group of people. The program has really shown me the value in developing a friendship that is built on trust and kindness. I have watched Jessica come out of her shell, build confidence, and become a true friend to many, including myself. I have made friends with other mentees and mentors during my time in room 11 where all the fun and magic happened. I feel as though I am part of a family, who all supports and uplifts each other”.

In her role as a mentor, Chloé felt as though she was someone who Jessica trusted and respected and added that those sentiments were mutual. When talking with Jessica you were able to tell those sentiments were indeed mutual.

Jessica said that her mentor Chloé is “nice, easy going, very kind, and has a very good sense of humor”. Jessica talked about how she enjoyed the time she was able to spend with Chloé during the school year. She recalled one of her favourite memories which was “doing lots of arts and crafts with Chloé” she went on to say that “Chloé is my best friend, role model, someone I can trust and someone I can look up to if I’m having some issues or problems in my life. I like Chloé a lot”! Jessica recommended that other students join the peer mentoring program because “it’s a great way to get to have a best friend and to do fun things together”. It is clear to see that Chloé and Jessica have built a respectful, positive, and trusting friendship in the program.

Chloé was one of this year’s recipients of the Michelle Misener Building Futures Bursary awarded by BBBS. Chloé not only volunteered with the Peer Mentoring Program but also founded the CEC knitting club, taught two ballets classes at Cobequid Dance Academy, volunteered with the United Way Youth Committee, was part of Nova Scotia’s Youth Orchestra, volunteered with CEC’S Environmental Club and the Interact Rotary Club. This is to only name a few of Chloé’s many community involvements. This Fall she is attending Mount Allison University to pursue a B.A double majoring in Geography and International Relations. She hopes to make the future a more equal and sustainable place for all. She added that wherever she finds herself in the future she hopes to be an active proponent for change. We want to congratulate Chloé, everyone here at BBBS wishes you the best and knows you will make a positive impact in your future endeavours!

Our Peer Mentoring Program is designed specifically for High School students. Students who are in grade 11 or 12 (Mentors) are matched with students in the lower grades (Mentees) to provide them with support, encouragement and to have some fun! To learn more about how to become a mentor in one of our many BBBS programs, visit our website to fill out an inquiry form or give us a call at 902-895-4562.