During our temporary office closure to the public, our whole staff team is working remotely and giving our best effort to continue to serve you.  For a limited time, we are accepting new player Big Bucks registration request forms online.

This registration request form is for new players only. If you already have a number in our draw, please call 895-4562 to prepay.

Payment will not be processed online. A BBBS staff will follow up by phone to take payment and give you your big bucks registration number once this form is submitted. Our staff team is doing all we can to get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  • Players must be 18 years of age & a resident of NS to play.
  • We collect email addresses so we can inform players when they're number is going to expire, and so we can keep them updated on the weekly winners.
  • A BBBS staff member will be in touch soon to take payment over the phone. Please note that given we are working remotely with a temporary system, we will do our very best to call you within a few days but if we do not make contact before the draw cut off (Monday) you will not be entered into that week's draw. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Must be of Legal age to play
  • Must be a Nova Scotia resident when you purchase your Big Bucks #
  • The staff of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester cannot play
  • To register, you must first complete a registration form. Forms are available at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office at 309-HWY 311, North River.
  • Every registration has a unique number. This is your number to play for life
  • It is your responsibility to play the correct number that is registered in your name
  • Prize money will only be paid to the person whose name corresponds with the registration form of the winning number
  • Each week you want to play you must place a toonie in one of the “BIG BUCKS” boxes. This toonie must have a sticker with your number clearly printed on it (stickers provided at outlets)
  • Please underline your number on the sticker.
  • Players have the option of “pre-paying” their number(s) for 10,26 or 52 weeks by credit card or debit at the Big Brother Big Sister of Colchester office (902-895-4562)
  • You must pre-pay your number by Monday at 4:15 p.m. to be included in the weekly draw
  • If you are looking to register for a Big Bucks number you must do so by 4:15 p.m. on Monday to be included in the weekly draw
  • To make changes to your current Big Bucks number, you must do so by 4:15 p.m. on Monday for those changes to take effect for the weekly draw
  • In the case of a holiday and the BBBS office is closed on Monday, any changes need to be made the week before
  • Your number qualifies to win ONLY if you have “paid and played” or “pre-paid” that week
  • If you have not “paid and played” / or your “pre-paid” status has expired and your number is drawn you will not win and the pot will build for the following weeks draw
  • A manual draw will be made each week from ALL the numbers registered and in the drum.
  • Pots are guaranteed to go on the third week
  • Week 1 – Number NOT played Pot rolls over
    Week 2 – Number NOT played Pot rolls over
    Week 3 – Guaranteed winner – We will keep drawing until a played number is drawn
  • Big Bucks boxes will be collected weekly on Mondays, and may be picked up prior to store opening. Play by Sunday to avoid disappointment. Note that on Holiday Mondays or during storms boxes may have to be picked up on Sundays depending on store hours/scheduling etc
  • Always check the “playing for” date on the top of the box to make sure you are aware of which draw you are entering
  • If the number has been played, the winner will be contacted by phone
  • The winning information will be announced on the BBBS Facebook page and the BBBS web page on the same day as the draw
  • A picture ID and mailing address are required to collect your winnings
  • You must agree to allow Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester to announce your name and use your photo for promotional purposes
  • As of May 31/2017 tickets will no longer be sold in GROUP names
  • Limited to three registrations per person
  • A second draw will be made for prizes unclaimed after 90 days following the original draw date
  • In the event a deceased person’s number is drawn and qualifies to win (IE pre-paid) the cheque will be made out to their estate.
  • If you no longer wish to play please contact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester at 902-895-4562 to de-register your number. Unless you request your number to be removed, it will remain in the drum and could be drawn at any time.

Please note the following:

  • Please do not use tape
  • Please place stickers on one side of the toonie only
  • Please write your number clearly to avoid confusion
  • Underline your number
  • Playing 5 numbers? You can put 5 stickers on a $10 bill
  • If you use 2 loonies (which we discourage) please place your number on both loonies so we can match them up
  • There is no advantage to playing the same number more than once a week

Tickets can be purchased as “gifts” in another person’s name but each number must be pre-paid for a minimum of 10