Where does the money go?


YOUR money is being spent right here in your community. Every single cent raised here goes back into the community.

Every year the local agency provides service to more than 300 LOCAL children and youth.

There is no charge to enroll children in any of the programs the agency offers and there are no membership fees.

The majority of the children are matched one on one with a carefully screened volunteer Big Brother, Big SisterBig Couple or In School Mentor. Many more benefit from group programs such as:

Go Girls (“Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies”) Game On (specifically for young boysBig & Little Cooks , Literacy for Littles and Kids and Kops.

These programs help youth reach their full potential and help them avoid many risk-taking behaviors. Children and youth who are matched with a volunteer stay in school longer, get better grades and are less likely to offend. In short they are happier, more productive and better behaved.

The local agency awards Bursaries to “Little Brothers & Little Sisters” who go on to attend college, trade schools and university. The average bursary is $1,000 per year for up to 4 years. Bursaries are not based on grades but are awarded to those less fortunate financially and who have the determination to succeed.

Thousands of dollars are allocated to children in the BBBS program to participate in activities they couldn’t otherwise afford. It’s called the “Healthy Living Fund” and provides payment for such activities as voice, guitar, piano lessons, summer camps, karate, cubs, fitness classes …even dental work and eye glasses not covered by MSI.

Due to the success of Big Bucks the agency recently started a new grant program called “Helping Others”. This fund helps others, not necessarily involved directly with the agency, when in need. Special projects and programs etc.

The agency hosts outings and activities for the kids involved with the agency almost every month and there is never a charge. There is no membership fee for parents to enrol their children with Big Brothers – Big Sisters.

Big Bucks is local and winners usually spend their money here in the community so it goes right back into the local economy PLUS BBBS employ 6 full time staff .

In November 2016 the agency donated $25,000 to the Public Library and we are thrilled to sponsor the new kids room named the Big Brother-Big Sister Children’s Program Room and it will be available for every child in the community to enjoy.

The agency also is a proud sponsor of  the Truro Skate Board Park, Jumpstart (Truro Chapter),  United Way of Truro, Maggie’s Place Boys and Girls Club, as well as the Truro Music Festival 

In December of 2016 the agency gave a $50 gift card to the family of every child in our community based programs to help with Christmas expenses…food, clothing or gifts PLUS donated $1500 worth of toys to the Children’s Index Program!

During the week of August 21st, 2017 we will be supplying backpacks to families whose kids are returning to school this fall. This is in partnership with the United Way of Colchester. Together with the UW we also supplied helmets to youth during the annual Bikes for Kids Campaign.

We also support local projects such as free Movie nights in Victoria Park, face painting at the Downtown Truro Fun days and many other events.

Big Bucks has allowed us to do all this….. and more.

THANKS TO YOU….. we can create brighter futures for more youth