Valued players, in our commitment to safely continue the draw to continue to provide important support to our local young people, BBBS has incorporated the following temporary rule changes.

  • Players can register up to three numbers in the same name.
  • Players can prepay using cash (bills only) at vendor locations listed below.
    Eastend Minimart
    All Macquarries Pharmasave locations
    Stewiacke Foodland
    Petrocan on Robie St.
    Keith’s Gas Bar
    Fultons Pharmasave (Tatamagouche)
    Bible Hill Esso
    Valley Variety
    Double C
    Wilson’s Gas Bar
    Bible Hill Bowlacade
    Kennedy’s Bible Hill
    The RECC
    Truro Mall Lotto Booth
  • If prepaying using cash, the players must do so by placing one sticker on a $10 bill (5 weeks), $20 bill (10 weeks), $50 bill (25 weeks) or $100 bill (50 weeks). Numbers must be legible to be entered into the draw.
  • If prepaying using cash, you can call to confirm your expiry date- 895-4562.

Other House Rules that Still Apply:

  • Must be of Legal age to play
  • Must be a Nova Scotia resident when you purchase your Big Bucks #
  • The staff of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester cannot play
  • To register you must either fill our our online registration request form or call us and receive confirmation from a Big Bucks team member.
  • Every registration has a unique number. This is your number to play for life.
  • It is your responsibility to play the correct number that is registered in your name.
  • Prize money will only be paid to the person whose name corresponds with the registration form of the winning number.
  • Your number must be legible to be eligible for the draw. Please underline your number on the sticker.
  • To make changes to your current Big Bucks number, you must receive confirmation from a staff member, and changes cannot be made on Mondays for that week’s draw.
  • Your number qualifies to win ONLY if you have paid for that week.
  • A manual draw will be made each week with all registered numbers but only played numbers are eligible to win and only winning numbers will be published.
  • The winner will be contacted by phone.
  • The winning information will be announced each Tuesday on the BBBS website and other platforms at BBBS’ discretion.
  • A picture ID and mailing address are required to collect your winnings.
  • You must agree to allow Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester to announce your name and use your photo for promotional purposes.
  • Numbers cannot be registered in group names.
  • A second draw will be made for prizes unclaimed after 90 days following the original draw date.
  • In the event a deceased person’s number is drawn and qualifies to win (IE pre-paid) the cheque will be made out to their estate.
  • If you no longer wish to play please contact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester at 902-895-4562 to de-register your number.

Please note the following Guidelines:

  • Bills Only when playing with cash – PREPAYING WITH COINS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  • Please do not use tape
  • Please write your number clearly to avoid confusion
  • Please underline your number


  • Prepaying with Cash in office slot: 5pm on Monday for that week’s draw. Please note the draw date located by the slot to ensure you are prepaying for the right draw.
  • Playing your toonie or prepaying with Cash at any of our vendor locations: Play by business closure on Sunday nights.
  • Prepaying by phone: 5:30pm on Mondays for that week’s draw.