Call or go to the Big Brothers – Big Sisters office to purchase a number. That is your number for life. Play it weekly (by Sunday) at any one of the 16 vendors listed above.

  1. Write “your” number on a sticker (provided in the slot on the box),
  2. Place the sticker on a toonie
  3. Place the toonie in the BIG BUCKS box.
  4. Do this every week by SUNDAY.
  5. A draw will be made every Tuesday from all registrations. If your number is drawn AND YOU HAVE PLAYED you win half the weekly take. If you HAVE NOT PLAYED that amount is added to the pot for the next week’s draw.

How to pre-pay your Big Bucks Number

Call us at 902-895-4562. Using your Mastercard or Visa you can pre-pay for 26 or 52 weeks.


Drop by our office located at 309 – hwy 311, North River and pre-pay in person using cash, debit or credit card.

To be a part of the weekly draw you must pre-pay by Monday at 4:15 p.m.