Jan 17, 2018

Today, as we celebrate International Mentoring Day, we are highlighting one of our “Big Couples”.

Derrick and Karen Carroll were matched with Aethan for about two and half years ago, and you could say it’s been one big adventure since then.

The couple has taken Aethan on the train to Halifax, to the “look off” in Annapolis Valley, and most recently to one of the World Jr. A Championship Games at the RECC, just to name a few. Aethan and his Big Couple enjoy fishing, berry picking, and going for bike rides. When they aren’t out exploring Aethan loves to spend time at their house where he even has his own chair. They watch movies, play board games, and even make pancakes!

Aethan says he feels this match is a ten out of ten! Derrick and Karen make him feel happy, excited, and safe. He says his Big Couple are very kind and nice!

We asked Karen and Derrick to share a few words about their experience as a Big Couple, they had this to say.

“Spending time with Aethan is always fun! We are so thankful for him and look forward to hanging out and learning from each other. People may say what we are doing by being a Big Couple is giving so much to a young person but really, what we are getting back is just as important!”

Thank you Karen and Derrick for being an amazing Big Couple to Aethan. We look forward to seeing where your next adventure takes you.